Bighorn Mountain Pottery – Kris Korfanta

Kris Korfanta is the primary artist for Big Horn Mountain Pottery. Kris’ interest in pottery began when making mud pies as a toddler. The love of nature and art led her to a long career in teaching. Now retired, she has more time to play in the mud. Kris loves how pottery connects people—to nature, to prehistoric peoples, and to each other in conversation over a bowl of soup or cup of coffee.

Holding a handmade piece fashioned by earth, water, fire, hands and soul, unique and imperfect, helps us slow down and connect to something deeper.

Stop in at Innominate Coffeehouse & Bakery today and test out the thumb-holds on Kris’ work while you have a cup of coffee!

Fly Fish Wyoming – Melanie Araas

Melanie Araas is responsible for all the visual elements of Fly Fish Wyoming including all the original apparel, jewelry designs and website design. Working in the graphic design field for almost 20 years has come in handy for this venture!  Melanie has poured her heart and soul into the designs for Fly Fish Wyoming and is giddy with many ideas she will continue to cultivate and release for the brand. It goes without saying that she is passionate about the sport of fly fishing and the opportunity to share it with the world in a variety of ways as Fly Fish Wyoming grows.

Painted Skull Studio – David McDougall

David McDougall of Painted Skull Studio works in primarily acrylic paints on panels and supplements with colorized line drawings. The paintings combine bright disparate objects, disturbed interiors, whimsical elements, and satirical circumstances to mine the visual depths of my subconscious imagination, producing a visual overload with a wackadelic potpourri of bent perspective and characters from the land of joyous color. David’s paintings fit loosely like a baggy pair of pants and do state a point of view. Together with the hand-crafted wood frames, the paintings bring together a strong visual combination of art and architecture and imagination.